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One of the great things about working with new hair and skin technologies is that there's always more to know and learn....


#1 Quality Ownership - Cleveland owned and operated, with Pride and Integrity for over 40 years

#2 You have the Expertise of Owner/President - Mike Dobeck has been a wearer of his own product for 45 years. He personally understands what you are experiencing. The video on our site is Mike getting his system.

#3 Superior Systems - Mike knows all systems on the market. BHC has near transparent design of utter lightness that embraces the skin and becomes almost one.

They Say Memory is the First Thing to Go – But is it?

Hair Treatment Process Begins by First Assessing the Cause of your Hair Loss

In the height of our youth, aging and its effects are far from our thoughts and practically non-existent in our everyday life. We never truly worry about wrinkled skin, blurry vision, arthritis, or memory loss because such troubles seem distant and unlikely to happen to us.